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Benefits UK is here to help you save money on items of interest or products and assist you in benefitting from all the latest offers or reducing your household outgoings each month.

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Benefits UK is a brand name of Flex Technology

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We help many 1000’s of people every day just by talking to us and taking part in our consumer lifestyle survey.

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Best in class our expert executives who have extensive knowledge of the products and your interests.


We are always ready to assist you. Please feel free contact us anytime.

Benefits UK is a trading name of Flex Technology and should you decide to no longer receive messages from us and our partners, you can email us on or you could call (+44) 283-080-0042 (this an automated message service) following receipt of your message your details will be removed immediately.

Benefits UK is a trading name of FLEX TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED, Registered company number 181162
Registered company address:116, Briji Rd, Garia Bazaar, Valley Park, Garia, Kolkata, West Bengal 700084